US Capitol

Would you believe that five minutes after taking this photo I got soaked wet in huge thunder storm? Yep, it happened. The weather man said that thunder storms will safely bypass DC so without a second thought I got on the bike an went for some National Mall photos. It was all fine till around mid evening, then after taking this photo (and a few others) from the west side I went to the east side, and it came, first a few drops, then some sprinkling. OK, I thought that it should not be a problem, went under the cover to wait it over. Few minutes later it slowed down, I got on the bike and went back to my place. Then it really started to pour over. Like a hurricane, some kind of torrential storm, just buckets and buckets of water. I was the only person on the street.  After couple blocks, I was getting soaked wet and saw big building with cover up, so I pulled in to get some perspective of where I was and maybe wait through the rain. Ten minutes later rain was still going with its full strength, but I learned that I was only couple blocks from a metro station. There I went.

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