US Capitol

Would you believe that five minutes after taking this photo I got soaked wet in huge thunder storm? Yep, it happened. The weather man said that thunder storms will safely bypass DC so without a second thought I got on the bike an went for some National Mall photos. It was all fine till around mid evening, then after taking this photo (and a few others) from the west side I went to the east side, and it came, first a few drops, then some sprinkling. OK, I thought that it should not be a problem, went under the cover to wait it over. Few minutes later it slowed down, I got on the bike and went back to my place. Then it really started to pour over. Like a hurricane, some kind of torrential storm, just buckets and buckets of water. I was the only person on the street.  After couple blocks, I was getting soaked wet and saw big building with cover up, so I pulled in to get some perspective of where I was and maybe wait through the rain. Ten minutes later rain was still going with its full strength, but I learned that I was only couple blocks from a metro station. There I went.

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Pretty Little Stars

Back in August while visiting Oregon coast I took a lot of pictures of star fish. They are kind of cool looking. So I’m going to process them one at a time and show it here. A bit missing that place.

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Grayson Highlands Park Waterfalls

This was taken in early September around 5PM, with overcast skies and coming rain. Waterfalls were covered with canopy and pretty dark. It is interesting how this image came out after processing.


Boating in Style

While in Key West, I saw this little boat parked in the marina. Some folks like to boat in style. Hehe.

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Low Tide

We had very nice time in Oregon, especially along the Oregon coast. There are many little towns on the coast, we spent a few nights in little town called Yachats. I spent a few hours during low tides looking at the crashing waves and hundreds of different size and color of starfish. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been to this coast and had a chance to explore all of it coolness.

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