Dead End

It is Almost Here

Hurricane is about to land on the east coast, with Outer banks probably getting the hardest hit. But that is about 2 days from now. Meanwhile for whatever reason airlines are already in their normal big chaos. I’m witnessing it all myself, waiting for my flight, which is already delayed by almost two hours. Nothing new here.

Bridge that goes Nowhere

I can’t recall the name of this bridge. It is one of those long bridges connecting Florida Keys. Of course this one is the old one, just seating there, slowly decaying into the ocean. Last Christmas we spent a few days in Key West and on the drive back to Miami I stopped at this place to take a few pictures. The day was super windy and pretty cold. I was very pleased and surprised to how this came out. I literally had to put my wait on the tripod and press it against the ground to keep is stable and not blown away by the strong wind.

The coming hurricane is much stronger, it probably has enough power to do something similar to many other bridges. I hope it won’t.

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