75 Miles Away, Feels Like 5

We were on the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, on our way to check out Cape Flattery. About five to ten minutes from Kingston this view opened up. Downtown Seattle is about 15 miles away and the Mount Rainier is about 75 miles away from the ferry. Pretty awesome view.

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In Ruins

Was it there from beginning or someone moved it here? Not really sure.

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Portland Nights

This was taken from the draw bridge. About five minutes after taking this photo the bridge was opened up for a big barge. I took at few photos of it as well, but so far post processing on it is not up to my liking. There are probably better vantage points over down town Portland, but in my one night short stay I didn’t make there.

In travel book about Portland I read that Rose Garden has photographer dream of downtown Portland and Mountain Hood in the background. The following morning I got up super early and drove up to the Rose Garden. Of course no one was there at such early hour, roses were pretty, but downtown Portland was nowhere insight. Whoever wrote that damn travel book should be fired for misinformation.

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Gum Wall

It is pretty gross. The alley smells like gum. It is because the entire wall is made of gum. Someone chewed each of this little pieces and stuck to the wall, gross, gross. If you been to Seattle and missed this little treasure, then you missed it all. If you want to see it all with super details then just click on the image to open it in my photo gallery.

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Atlantic Beach Pier–Gone, Baby Gone

According to the latest news Atlantic Beach Pier in NC collapsed into the ocean. I posted a few photos of it over the last couple years, as it is one of our favorite destinations for a quick beach vacation. Check out these posts with this pier:

Now it is gone. I wonder what happened to the building and to the swimming pool. They also say that Sheraton has been damaged with its ocean facing walls being torn apart. Crazy stuff.

This photo was taken a few month back on one of our last visits to that area.

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