Portland Streets

Couple month ago we went to Boston for open day at my daughter’s prospective school. Open day was on Monday so we had couple days to look around the area so we decided to drive up to Portland and check it out. We took the coastal roads on the way up, it took a few hours but it was pretty cool to see changing landscape. We only spent maybe couple hours in downtown area, walked a bit, had some beer and took a few pictures. You already saw one of them in “Back streets of Portland” post. Here is another one. It rained, actually snowed n North East couple days prior to this day and coble streets had some water, I thought that mirror like reflection would look cool. You be the judge.

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7 thoughts on “Portland Streets

  1. I lived in downtown Portland for a year and this is a very familiar road with lovely restaurants. Beautiful shot.

    1. Portland seems to be just right size. There is downtown with things to do, but it is not so big that you can get lost there.

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