Early Morning Birds

This is another photo from last year early morning photo shoot at Atlantic Beach in NC. You can check other photos by selecting Atlantic Beach category on the right side. There should be a few of them there.

We were back at the same place in May, actually couple times, but with longer days the sun does not rise over the ocean during this time, it was rising way over the island and it was setting way over the island as well. It might seem like an obvious thing, but with the way this island is positioned, east,west and the sunset sunrise is not so obvious during different times of year. As I learned it is not super good place for morning and evening pictures during the summer. But it can be pretty good in the middle of the winter, as this photo was taking during Thanksgiving weekend, almost winter.

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Summer Time at Atlantic Beach

I took this photo from our balcony at Sheraton hotel. At 300mm, this is a far away zoom of the northern part of the Atlantic beach. I like this part of the Atlantic, ocean here is very clean, there are some nice waves and it is not super overcrowded.

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DC Tunnel

If you run or bike on the , you’ll have to go through this tunnel. I think it is under Massachusetts avenue. it is all woodsy around and way below the street so hard to know from down there where exactly it is located. I guess I can investigate it on the map and figure it out, but I don’t feel like doing it at the moment. Maybe you can figure it out and leave a comment about it. It was around 8PM when I took this picture and was getting dark, the trail was fairly empty by this time, but even then I spent at least 10 minutes getting the right shot. Bikers are very fast and by the time you get in the middle position the camera and trying to take a shot someone is coming from either end. I took about five shots and this one was the best out off all of them.

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Portland Streets

Couple month ago we went to Boston for open day at my daughter’s prospective school. Open day was on Monday so we had couple days to look around the area so we decided to drive up to Portland and check it out. We took the coastal roads on the way up, it took a few hours but it was pretty cool to see changing landscape. We only spent maybe couple hours in downtown area, walked a bit, had some beer and took a few pictures. You already saw one of them in “Back streets of Portland” post. Here is another one. It rained, actually snowed n North East couple days prior to this day and coble streets had some water, I thought that mirror like reflection would look cool. You be the judge.

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Key West Sunrise

Its been about six month since our trip down there, it was really nice trip and I wish I could be there right now, relax a bit and have some fun. Well, at least I can revisit it visually.

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