Stripes Unlimited

I took this one late afternoon at the Atlantic Beach, NC. We were walking back from far end of the pier and I saw these shadows running along giving kind of interesting leading lines. I did not have tripod with me, but fortunately there was a bench every 30-40 feet and I just used it as my stable mounting base. The Sheraton Hotel, we use it a lot to come up here. Location is really good, with nice waves breaking around the pier, the pier itself is part of the property and I can use Points+Cash to stay at this place, which saves me a lots of dough. Next time when we go there I want to bring bikes and ride on the beach to Fort Macon State park, it is only about 4-5 miles away. Just need to plan it around low tide…

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Back Streets of Portland

Just to be clear, this is in Maine Portland, not Oregon. Back side of the fishing shops and small docks. These docks are loaded with crabbing boxes, sounds like a popular type of fishing around here, who knew, haha.

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Black Bird

This is a continuation of my Black Bird series. When I visited space museum I took a few photos of it from different angles. This one is really showing the size of it from the back. Pretty impressive. Check out other photos under Air Space Museum category.


Welcome to Beaufort

Couple weeks ago we did a quick overnighter to Atlantic Beach, NC. It is only about 15 min short drive to to Beaufort, local port town with a small marina and a few water facing restaurants. Naturally we went there to grab some seafood and take some sunset pictures. It was Saturday night and surprisingly not many people. We ended up seating on the outside deck all by ourselves, I guess last weekend in April is too early for people to go out and enjoy nice outdoor temperatures.

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Beijing Hu Tong Red Door #8

Well, it is time to get one more of them out. I think this is the last one I have in my archives. This one was taken in a different Hu Tong than most of the other doors. It was somewhere near the Black Lake, somewhat northwest of the Forbidden city. We drove bikes around the town and went through this Hu Tong, I had to get on my breaks and snap this one out.

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