Cherry Blossoms

This is my last one in this series, for now. I’ll look later in archive and see if any other photos are to my liking for sharing. When I went to take sunrise photos most people were taking photos of Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin, with water included in the shot. I did the same, as you can see in my previous three photos. After taking those shuts, I went around the basin to find different angles on the memorial. On the other side of the basin there were no tourists and no photographers. After taking a few shots and trying different angles with trees, columns and rapidly rising sun I took this photo. I think it captures Cherry Blossoms with one of the most iconic American memorials in pretty cool way.

Click me, Click me

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1 Response to Cherry Blossoms

  1. agujasblog says:

    I love this picture. It looks like an old painting. I lived in DC for a while and loved walking along the tidal basin when the cherry trees were in full bloom. Thanks for the memories!

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