The Bowl

Another view on big bowl in Forbidden City, Beijing. They had a few of them around there, positioned out of the main pedestrian routs on perimeter of the squares.

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Greenwich Sunrise

It was storming all over east coast today. Tornado warnings in many cities and counties. Nature has its own way with us. Nothing like this nice and chilly morning. Of course it does not look cold at all, but it was around 28F at that moment.


Rusty Bolt

This was taken in Atlantic Beach NC. I was trying to make some interesting shots, most didn’t work at all, some came out decently good, like this one. It was about 30 minutes before sunset, very boring sunset I must say.

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Dark Shadows

Key West sunset. Super windy and cold evening, but nerveless it was very nice one.



Here is one more photo of Space Shuttle Enterprise. You can see two other photos if you look under Air Space Museum in Virginia category. There is a spot on the viewing stairs that take you to this position. I put my camera against the rail to keep it steady and fired a few shots. A few people on the left corner kind of give you an idea about the size of this thing, pretty big.

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