Biscayne Bay Sunset

One of the disadvantages of photography is that it doesn’t show the motion of certain things, like wind. One might think that there is no wind in this photo and that it is a nice and calm sunset. Well, they would be very wrong. The wind was blowing like crazy, it was pretty cold, I thought I might get sick from being exposed to it for about 20 straight minutes while trying to take some photos from the edge of the Key Biscayne. I took a lot of shots and none were any good, clouds constantly moving and either being in the wrong place or not lighted in the right way or sun being too bright. I had to put my body weight on the tripod to keep it from vibrations.  At the end I’m glad that at least one of the takes came out fairly dissent. Hopefully next time, whenever I happen to visit this place we’ll have better luck with weather.

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2 Responses to Biscayne Bay Sunset

  1. wiffer says:

    So nice. It was windy, but it was nice to be there.

  2. I can tell it was windy by the chop to the waves. Gorgeous shot! I grew up in Miami and remember Biscayne Bay. Thanks for taking me back in such a glowing way.

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