Mystic River

In early January I did a quick round trip to Boston and on the way up I had some time to stop at a few places and snap a few photos. This is taken off HW95 scenic overlook over Mystic River. I like how it came out, with moody clouds and breaking sun. After taking this photo I drove into the town of Mystic River in hopes to get more interesting views but after some driving around and walking I didn’t find any. So this is the only Mystic river photo I have and how I’ll remember it for many years to come. It is somewhat mystic.

Click me, Click me

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2 Responses to Mystic River

  1. John Ragai says:

    Great work Dmitrii. Love the emotion of the scene. It’s peace and serene.
    I am working on my wordpress again as most of my blog post were in blogger while my photos are in Flickr.
    My other blog at while my photos at
    Glad to meet another Nikonian.

  2. I know exactly where this spot is.—-Looking downriver toward the town of Mystic, with historic Mystic Seaport on the left side of the river. I can just make out the masts of the ships in the distance. What a fantastic shot! Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. The village of Noank that I wrote about is at the distant end of this river.

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