Cherry Blossoms

This year, finally, I managed to take some pictures of the famous DC Cherry Blossoms. I landed in DCA at around 6:15AM and on my way to work stopped by the Tidal Basin and took a few sunrise photos. A few of them turned out pretty good, I like them a lot. It was actually fairly cold, near freezing and super windy, not the most pleasant time to scroll around and take photos. I only spent there around 45 minutes before sun got up and I had to leave for 9AM meeting in downtown DC. There was a good number of people there taking pictures, a lot of folks with tripods, wedding photography with brides half naked in cold trying to put natural smiles, students working on their art projects and some folks are just enjoying the scene. Well, since you were not there, here is a bit of magic for you to enjoy.

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Ready for Business

I can’t remember the name of this place, we walked through it a few times, mainly during busy times. This was taken in early morning before it was opened.

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The Butt

The butt of Space Shuttle Enterprise, you don’t want to be there when it is working, its fiery farts will burn you alive. Thankfully it is seating in a museum and there is no danger of standing behind it.

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Alpine Summer

Today I’m taking a virtual trip back to Tian Shan mountains. I like the contrast between alpine flowers and mid summer snow. Snow was fairly dirty by this time and we didn’t play snowballs, and fortunately my daughter didn’t try to eat it. She likes to taste fresh snow, you know, one of those things our kids like to do, just I used to eat some as well.


In Perfect Union

These birdies were enjoying sunset together with me. Big storm just passed through Marco Island, with plenty of food on the shore. I think they came there for some feast. I didn’t see them again during our 3 days stay in that place. I can’t remember from which direction the wind was blowing, I don’t think it was from the north, but they all facing north, I guess they had their reason to look that way. If you want to see all details of the sea creatures then open this image in my photo gallery (just click on it).