The Origins of Blue in Blue Ridge Parkway

Why do you think they started to call Blue Ridge Parkway blue? Not green or orange? Well, here is the visual explanation of the origins of this name. This photo was taken in the middle of October from one of the highest peaks in NC high country, while we were hiking the Macrea’s Peak trail. You can see Blue Ridge Parkway snaking down below and the blue ridges of NC mountains in the distance. This is one of the best hikes around Blue Ridge parkway, some parts of it are very strenuous, you have to clime a few ladders, but it is all worth to see some of the best possible views you going to have in this part of the country. Go and see it for yourself.

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1 Response to The Origins of Blue in Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. krikitarts says:

    Hi again,
    Doing some quick browsing, I went to this other post of yours of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I did a post recently ( that may interest you. I am liking what I’m seeing on your site, and will continue to delve as time allows. Things are pretty busy now, but nice to meet you!

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