Million Dollar Views–Million Dollar Challenge

Million dollar views, from a million dollar house. Yep, apartments at this place start at about 1.2 green ones. The top level penthouse goes for around 7.5 million. Well, I’ll be modest, I don’t need the top level penthouse, but I would not mind to have one of those ocean facing apartments. The only missing part is cash to get one.

But if I had one of those apartments, I could take sunset pictures, not just once, but I can take them every night and post them here and everywhere else. You would be able to enjoy the view with me. Win-Win situation. From only three night at that island I can say that those sunsets are pretty darn nice.

So it only takes about one million people around the world to purchase one of my pictures and I’ll promise to you all to get one of those places and take sunset pictures and sunrise pictures and share it all with you all. Yep that’s easy. Pictures start at a few bucks (I ‘d only get a fraction of it…that is why it will take at least a million of you to make me a million Smile), you can afford it, go head and choose something from my photo gallery.

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