Tasty Snack

During our last night at the Marco Island we went for a looong walk on the beach in hopes to get some sunset pictures. Sunset was pretty much a nonevent that evening, but the combination of low level clouds and the ocean produced some pretty cool effects, you can see it in this photo I posted couple weeks ago “Where the Sky and the Ocean Becomes One”. That photo was taken actually after sun went down, about 30-40 minutes after I took this photo. We saw him eating the fish from far a away with some folks lurking around taking pictures and observing him. He didn’t really care. He just went about his eating business like no one was around. Not that the fish is big, he could just pick it up and fly away, but maybe it was a bit tastier right there next to the water. I’m glad he decided to stay there and allow to take some photos, but tell you what, he did not stay still for a second. This eagle was all about eating that fish and getting a good photo without spooking him off was a bit of a challenge.

Click on the image to open it in my photo gallery and see it in better detail.

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