Icy Cold Morning

I like to sleep in the morning, not a morning person at all. I’m glad I dragged myself out from warm bed and went to see this sunrise. It was so cold. I didn’t even had any coffee. But I took a few nice photos this morning, this is one of them. Sun is barely picking out and about to disappear behind the clouds. Low tide kept water out from this marsh and water pool was a bit frozen around it. As always to see the large version of the image with better details just click on it to open it in my gallery.

Click me, Click me

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2 Responses to Icy Cold Morning

  1. wiffer says:

    Is that the same place as the other one? Wha a great setting!

    • Dmitrii says:

      Yep, same place. It was nice there, a few people brought their dogs up, and by the time I was leaving some folks came to play soccer on the beach. Not that it was about 22F, they didn’t care.

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