Paradise Fountain

The Marriott Resort on the Marco Island is pretty up there on the scale and folks staying at that place seam to think of themselves a lot too, everyone is super dressed and pampered. Like some kind of yappy crowd from the north hiding from the cold. Don’t get me wrong, that is just fine how they dressed, but for simple guy like me it is a bit too much because I’ll just put on basic comfy shorts or comfortable pair of jeans, walk around there and feel just fine, no reason to super dress for anyone.

So the front entrance to this place has a U turn type of drive up the hill and most folks arriving by car (well all of them) drive up to the front door and let their car to be valet parked. The parking is right across the street and I don’t mind to park my car myself and save on the valet parking. By doing so I actually had a chance to check out the front of the hotel landscaping, which is very nice, it is occupying that whole empty space in the U drive and if you never venture out from the hotel you’ll never even see it. One evening we came back late after dinner and I could not resist but pull my camera out and get a few shots. The red fountain is actually changes colors and goes up and down. Pretty cool, huh?

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