Biscayne Bay Fireworks

Taking photos of fireworks isn’t easy, I actually never tried it before. Last night was the New Year 2011 night and we were in Miami, close to Brickell Avenue. This photo was taken from the seawall from the Biscayne Bay, Miami business downtown to your left and the little island with what look like residential apartments is on the right. We didn’t know where the fireworks will be visible from our location, I was hoping it will be right in the center of this photo, between those two high rises and much higher. It actually was to the left and not very high. I took a few pictures but most produced nothing interesting. This one was the best of the bunch. From this location we also could see fireworks at the South Beach and bit more north from the Miami Beach, those were quite nice, but they were really far and none produced any good photos.

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