Sunset at Cape Cod

I got there about 15 minutes before the sunset, and almost froze myself. The wind was so strong, I had to push my tripod into the sand for about 10 inches for it to have some type stability. You can’t really see the wind on this photo, just trust me about it, and, it was right about 20F. Very nice. But I was in Boston for two nights and I wanted to take sunset picture and this night was the only option to drive down here. 4 hours of driving for 20 minutes of picture taking, but I would do this again. Maybe next time (whenever that will be) Massachusetts and Cape Cod will be nicer to me and offer some nice weather for change.

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Peaceful Time, Not a Hint of Snow

So we have super duper winter storm here at the moment. I can see from my high rise window blowing snow and traffic on highway standing still. Not a good time to be outside. I was thinking to put some of my winter pictures as today’s post but then this ugliness started. So I changed my mind. I want to see something warm and peaceful, something with water too. So thankfully I had one of those already processed and ready for sharing.

This is in Miami, in Coconut Grove area on the New Years eve, just about 27 days ago… I’d like to see that now instead of snow blowing outside my office windows. I like this yacht forest, growing from the water, so many of them. If you look at the larger image, you can see some details on all of those little yachts.

Just hop on one and sail somewhere warm.

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Beijing Hu Tong Red Door #5

It is time for another one of these pretty doors. I have a few left. You know, if I visited Beijing fairly often, or lived there, I could even start a serious project to document every Hu Tong Red Door in Beijing. There are must be hundreds of them there. I took less than a dozen just on one street while walking from our hotel towards  downtown. We didn’t take big streets, instead went though the hood, so much to see. All of these doors will soon disappear as government expand new developments in the city and take over the land.

Anyhow, this is #5 in this short series of Red Doors. You can see other if you look under Beijing category on the right.

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Little Creatures

Marco Island was a total shell fest. I was really surprised to see so many of them. On the east coast around NC/SC beaches you are not going to see that many shells. Marco Island beaches were packed with them. Pretty cool stuff. I took a few pictures with different concentrations and different sizes. You will have to see them all over the next few weeks.

This is closer to the south point on the beach, even after two days of calm weather there were still tons of them. And they were constantly moving.

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New Years Eve Sunset at the Coconut Grove

I have to take a shower…then write something about this… wait a minute or two.

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