Dude, Your Car is On My Foot

Curtsey to a couple of very idiotic and overly aggressive guys we had an interesting show this night. We were walking on our way to eat some food down town Winston. At the T style small intersection, white Honda was turning right, at the same time some dude was crossing the intersection. I think he was wrong about crossing it, but he continued so, the Honda slowed down but continued to turn. I guess they both felt like they own the road and didn’t yield to the other. We were about 50 feet away from it and heard some one hitting the car with their hands and screaming at the car.  Driver, maybe in his 30th with female in passenger seat jumped out from the car and started screaming and the guy. Well, they were both screaming at each other, something like – driver: “You MF, you jumped under my car, what is F wrong with you, you are a moron”, other one: “ You MF, watch where you driving, MF you are on my foot, you are F moron yourself” etc. Back and forth. They both pulled their cell phones and called police. All while the car was on this guy foot. Quite a show. The driver was so outraged that this guy didn’t yield the way, he didn’t pull his car off his foot for at least 3-4 minutes.


There he is standing and screaming at the driver. Both of them were so aggressive and blaming the other about situation that they didn’t even care about his foot under the car. I don’t think the guy with his foot under the car had much pain, he didn’t act like it, he was more outraged about the fact that the car was seating on his foot, not that he was suffering or something.


We moved on after they took the car off his foot and police was on their way. The shooting match continued all the way till we turned down the block. Wow.

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