Atlantic Beach Sunrise #1

It was little after 6 AM and I woke up with soar throat and really didn’t want to get up. But I happen to be at the ocean only for one day and didn’t want to miss this opportunity. I’m glad I got up and took a few pictures. You’ve seen a few of them so far from that morning – you can scroll down the page and see them. I like this one for its bird factor, the one with the dark shadow in the sky. There was a dead fish on the sand and there were a lot of seagulls and smaller birdie around fighting over the food. I tried to take a few shots, this one so far is the favorite. I’ll have to see if any other will look ok after some processing. It is very hard to get a good shot this early morning with birds that don’t introduce extra noise or too blurry. They have tendency to move. This is hard on the camera in low light, it just doesn’t get them.

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