Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes and let all your dreams come true!

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The Big Cypress Swamp

On our way to Marco Island from Miami we went through the Big Cypress Swamp.  It took about 3 hours on the scenic road, but it was totally worth it. There were plenty of alligators and all kind of birds in the swamp on both sides of the road. We had to stop probably more than a dozen times at cool looking spots. This is one of them. Pretty cool. Click on the image to see it larger version in my photo gallery.

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South Beach Kitties

It was about 40F, very windy, bit after 7AM, bitterly cold. I went to the South Beach South Point area to take some pictures. Not sure if any of them came out, the lens was sprayed by the crashing waves so I didn’t process any of those pics yet. After finishing with taking sunrise photos we discovered some kitties right at the base of the closed pier. There were at least a dozen of them. They were very curious and they were checking us out. But they didn’t want to pose for me. They were moving around and hiding behind the rocks. This one is one of the best attempts to get a few of them at the same time.

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Beijing Hu Tong Red Doors #2

This is the second image in Beijing Hu Tong Red Doors photo series, see the first one here.

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Key West Holiday Lights

Celebrating holidays Florida style, nice and warm. Well, it is actually a bit chilly and windy on the shore, but it is about 30 degrees higher than up North. It is very nice here. 181379

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