Blue Ridge Sunset

We were coming back from a hike at Stone Mountain park and decided to check out sunset from the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you ever been on the BRP in NC then you might remember that pretty much every overlook with long range views are east facing, so they might be nice for sunrise, but you have no good views to the west. We got on parkway from HW21 and drove south for about 15-20 miles and didn’t see any west facing overlooks with sunset view. After while I started to worry that sun will go down and I won’t take a single shot. At one point I saw a potential opening and pulled the car off the parkway. To the west were hills with tall trees, to the east some fenced in farm field with nice incline. So I grabbed the camera, climbed over the fence and quickly climbed up the hill to get better view. Wiff joined me as well.
As I was taking pictures, a few cars passed by, one of them was one of those car towing tracks. He slowed down as he passed our car, disappeared behind the turn and then we heard him stopping and turning around. I guess he thought that our car was abandoned or something. He could not see us, we didn’t see him. I had no intention to go down to the car, sunset was going in full motion. What did I do? Yep, just pulled out my car key and pressed the lock a few times – lights go on and off, on and off. Couple minutes later we heard him turn around again and he left. Anyway, that was interesting side disruption as I was trying to focus in to the sky and push shutter button with my right hand while making car look alive with my left hand. Some multitasking for you.
Here is one of the images that came out from that photo shoot.

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