Horne Creek or How to Take Photos and Not Get Wet

We took a short drive today to a new hike near the Yadkinville River in Pilot Mountain State park. We had to cross couple little creeks before we got to the river. At one of the crossings, the sunlight was pretty cool in the background trees and I had to take a picture. The first one I took was high above water and it didn’t get any water flow, not super good. I had to take camera lower to the water and position it so it would include the flow. The only problem was that it was fairly deep in the middle of the creek, maybe 4-5 inches and I didn’t want to get wet in 50F temperature.

But the art must be made, so I just put my camera out there in the middle of the creek, kind of positioned it in the right direction and pushed on the shutter button, all the time stretching my self and trying not to loose my balance.

Wiff took this photo of me going through this crazy exercise. I didn’t even know that she took this photo before we got back to the house.TakingHorneCreekPhoto

Anyway, here is the result. I think it turned out pretty, pretty good.

Click on it to open in my Photo Gallery

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