Salem Lake Foggy Sunrise #1

Opportunities to take sunrise fog pictures are not too often. I think here in NC it mostly happens in the fall, when the ground or water bodies are still warm and air get chilled during the night. As sun shows up and temps get warmer the fog is rising and gives us wonderful views.

This year I managed to make one early morning trip to the lake and captured a few foggy sunrise photos. I kind of like them, so I’ll process them one by one over time and share it here. When I arrived at the lake, one of the first photos I took was with fishermen, sun was still not showing and the fog was thick but not super high. The following photo was taken probably about 30 minutes later, the sun was coming up and trying to break through the fog, but the fog was growing and was almost like white wall. Cool stuff. Let me know if you like the photo.

Click to open in my photo gallery

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4 Responses to Salem Lake Foggy Sunrise #1

  1. natalia says:

    I like the photo very much. I love foggy, uncertain, and beautiful images. Порадовал! Very good quality of the image. And colors are superb. Не лень было вставать в такую рань? )))

  2. Jim Haworth says:

    Fog is God’s way of reminding us to slow down and enjoy His creations!

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