Big Enough to Cook a Horse

When I saw these huge pots I imagined how back in the Imperial times they used them to cook meals for entire royal staff or maybe for their guards or army. You can chop and cook a lot of meat in it. There would be a slow fire under it, probably maintained non stop, with servants running around, preparing meat and vegetables. They probably had some type of ladder next to it so they could stir it while it was cooking. The main chef will come by and taste it once in a while. It was probably some tasty beef stew, umm, I’m getting hungry,  it is dinner time.

This is inside the Forbidden City, Beijing. We were trying to stay away from the crowds, and those crowds as many have a crowd or “sheep” mentality, the more of them in the same place the more will come. On a hot day it is not super fun, to say the least. Walking off the main center path actually allowed us to see everything from a different angle and explorer areas where most tourists ignore. Good for us.

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Here is another one. I like the cuprum coloring.


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