Aliens are Coming

Get ready, they are coming and here is the first hand evidence.  
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New Day

It almost got me. It definitely got my tripod. Good thing it was spread very wide.

It was beginning of a beautiful day in Atlantic Beach NC.

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There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Atlantic Beach in North Carolina is positioned East-West and sun does not rise straight from the ocean as you’d expect in many other parts of the coast. It is rising from the ocean, but really close to the coast line. Same happens about sunset. So if you ever want to see sunset and sunrise from the same spot and both over the water then this place should be on your list of travel destinations.  This photo was taken during sunrise. Waves were trying to get me and my tripod but I fought them back (by running away and returning). I like how sunrise painted water to the left with some orange and to the right it is still in the dark.

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Soviet Worker

Maybe it is Russian, might even be from some other country. Doesn’t have any markings on it. Bulldozing Tian Shan mountains.

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Salem Lake Foggy Sunrise #2

New Video Presentations

Over the next few month I’m going to experiment with creating video presentations showing how I do some things, hopefully it will improve my techniques and might help someone else. Today was first experimental post.

Fog Eating the Lake

This is the second photo in this series, check out the first one here Salem Lake Foggy Sunrise #1. I used Photomatix 4 and CS5 to produce this photo. Let me know what you think.

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