The Perfect Web

I walked out from my house at 5PM to go pick up my daughter from her school and right in front of my car at the end of drive way I saw this spider web with sun shining on it from behind and illuminating it. I got in the car, turned on the engine and looked at it for a few seconds, I left camera at the house and I was late to pick up Katia from school. I thought that the sun will probably shine like this for another 20-30 minutes and I’ll have time to take some photos of it when we get back. I didn’t want to take a chance, so engine was off, I ran back into the house grabbed my camera a took about a dozen shots.

When we got back to the house, the sun was behind the trees and you could hardly see this web. I’m glad I decided to be a few minutes late. This is processed in CS5 with little HDR toning. Out of all photos that I took only couple had best sharpness and good illumination.

I’ll check it tomorrow and hopefully we’ll see the tenant as well.Click on it to open in my Photo Gallery

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Web

      1. We once visited Antelope State Park in Salt Lake City – it was CRAZY there, spider webs were everywhere, on every possible bush, shining in the sun. Nadia was freaking out, and I was taking pictures :))) But i prefer spider webs without spiders. I don’t really enjoy pictures of insects. Unless they are cute (in rare instance).

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