Minneapolis Skyscrapers

Can you see them out there? This building is one of the tallest in Minneapolis and it nicely reflects a few other around it.

Right after taking this photo (and a few others) we went to the Polish festival, had a few beers and then we went to the German restaurant, had a boot, schnitzel and a few of those “Ziggy, Zaggy” toasts and even some German songs. I mainly listened and enjoyed as I can’t say a word in it.

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4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Skyscrapers

  1. Eto iz drogogo neboskreba, s 39 etazha, esli ne oshibaus.
    Missisipi tozhe est ottuda, no ne ochen vpechetlaushe poluchilos. Kak nibud v budushem mozhet provernu zheres post processing i vilozhu suda.

  2. Just curious which tower you were in when you took this? A great spot to take pictures is from the foshay tower (W hotel) observation deck. BTW the skyscraper in the image is the IDS tower. Hopefully they build some taller ones but nobody wants to go taller than the IDS. The Wells Fargo & Capella towers are almost exactly the same height.

    1. I have no idea, I was visiting friend, he took us up where he works, all the way to the executive floor…then we went out for some eastern European festival and my memories were cleared 😉

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