Mountain River from High Above

On our way to lake Issik we stopped at the observation tower. This tower is about 50 meters high, maybe more. It is actually was a bit scary to climb up the top and going down. The stair cases were fairly steep and on one side there were no bars to keep you safe. So you’d climb a stair, walk across, climb a stair, walk across – and here you’d hold to the inside rail, because just 3 feet away is an opening, no bars, and it is really high. But the view from above is pretty cool and totally worth the trouble of getting up there.

This photo was taken south west facing, into the mountains. Lake Issik is somewhere there a few miles away. As you can see, river is very rocky, and rock slides are all over. You won’t see huge boulders, these rocks break apart into smaller ones. Do not ever try to hike into those rocks, extremely dangerous, they will slide under your feet and can actually start a mini avalanche, just enough to do some serious damage to your body.Click on it to open in my Photo Gallery

Smelly Sticks

Following up on my last night post with one of the smelly sticks photos. They burn very slow, with some smoke coming off them and have one of those mysterious smells. There are also burning candles around (not pictured), so maybe the smell from candles mixes up with this smell and produce this interesting flavor.

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Magic Dragon

On our last day in China we went to see Red Mountain park in downtown Urumqi. I took a few pictures around there, here is one of them. They have a working Buddhist church there, wait, not sure if it should be called a church, it was not a monastery, so there is probably name for it, I just can’t come up with it right now. So the place is full with smoke and smells from burning candles and some type of long smelly burning sticks. I might show one of those in the next few days.

This dragon is very simple, I think it is made by heavy press out of sheet metal, it just looks kind of cool with all that background and little spider webs. Enjoy.

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Lake Issik

If you remember this photo, I’m here to tell you that it was found about on mile from this spot all the way between those mountains in the river.

Lake Issik is really have this color, no faking it with tools, it has some kind of mineral in it I guess to have this greenish color to it. It is cold like ice too.

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Urumqi Street Police

After last year summer unrest in Chinese XinJiang province, the capital is still full with Chinese Military police. They usually walk in groups of 5+ people. At one place we saw about 30 of them cooling off in the shade. 
I was seating on the curb and waiting for Katia and Wiff, I had my camera on my lap, ready to shoot. These guys suddenly appear marching towards me. I took a few shots from my lap, for some reason I didn’t want to bring camera to my face and look at them through the viewfinder, and I didn’t shoot when they were walking past me just a few feet apart. I guess, when you face with military policy, who has automatic guns and other weaponry, you try to make safe choices and not aggravate them by taking photos with large camera. Who knows what type of orders they have.

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