Alpine Flowers

This is fairly high in the Tian Shan mountains. About one hour hike from the top of the lift at Chimbulak ski resort. There is no hiking trail going there and mountains are fairly steep. It was actually a bit nerve wrecking to clime up there, especially that we didn’t have right shoes for it. Of course, as it happens, the hike was totally worth it. The only down side, it was not a sunny day and rain sprinkled here and there. Beautiful place.

In the right lower corner are edelweiss flowers, you can click on the image to see larger version and see better details.

Chimbulak - Click on the image to see it large in my Photo Gallery

One thought on “Alpine Flowers

  1. Wiff… wow!!! This pic of a mountain.. with all those wild flowers…beautiful 🙂 I would hang this in my house…breath taking 🙂

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