Asian Games Mural

Almaty will be hosting Winter Asian games in 2011. They are doing a lot of work to get ready for it. We saw this mural not far from the central stadium. Interesting composition.

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Hazy Day in the Mountains

It was hazy day. We hiked a lot but the views were not that great. So far this summer in NC is not very good for long range views. Every time we go to the mountains it is hazy. Maybe it will clear in October, November time frame.

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There was a plane crash

Today we went for a hike to the Calloway Peak via Daniel Boone trail. You start on the Blue Ridge Parkway and it takes you about 3.5 miles all the way to the top, fairly strenuous hike. Almost at the end of the hike if you pay attention you’ll see broken parts of the single engine plane. It crashed here in 1978. I’m not sure if pilot survived or not, if you like to know you can Bing it and find out. It was interesting to see the wreckage pattern. We saw the parts in the dense forest and went to look at it, we found two airplane wings. Each wing had a big dent, from impact of the trees. We saw some other smaller aluminum parts, but none looked big enough for the actual body. After some searching we came to discover fuselage of the plane. It was probably about 50-70 feet away from the wings. Pretty bad site and a lot of damage. Here you go, see it for yourself.

CrashedPlane - Click to see it in my Photo Gallery

Metal Art in Tysons Corner

This is located in Tysons Corner, between Marriott hotel and the Mall. There are new business offices there, a Chima Brazilian Steak house, some art shops. There are some interesting art sculptures on the street as well. This is one of them.

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Stanley Park Totem Poles

As it was seen at the end of March 2010. It was interesting, but I would not go to Stanley park just to see these poles.

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Totem Poles

Totem Poles

Totem Poles