Night Bike

I saw this bike at the Sheraton Roanoke parking lot. This is single exposure HDR conversion. For this type of shot I wish I had a super wide lens, to stay close and include the front wheel. BTW, you can see the photographer in at least two spots on the shiny exterior of this fine machine.

Sheraton Roanoke is nice hotel and it is only 2 stars on the Starwood’s point scale, which means it does not require a lot of Starwood points to stay there. While at the hotel I got a chance to speak a little “Jamaican”. When we arrived from Penn State, I wanted to get some beer from the bar and the only bottle choice was appealing at the time was “Red Stripe”, to a big delight of the bar tender, who happen to be Jamaican. So, we had an exchange, him – “Ya Mon, good choice Mon!”, me – “Ya Mon, Jamaican beer is good, Mon!”.

As always, you can click on the image to see it large, which is much better.DSC0055_NightBike

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