Getting Ready for China

In just short three weeks we are going on a quick round the world trip. Today I booked the last of the links in our journey. I have a short story about visa application process, which I’ll share some time later after we safely land in all of our destinations.

Someone said that round the world trip must be done by visiting at least 2 other continents, but heck I don’t care, we are going from one very big continent to another very big one and we cross it all the way from east to west. So we are going round the world. First, we are going to spend some time in China by flying into Beijing (over Pacific) and making our way to the western part of it – Urumqi. From there we’ll fly into Kazakhstan, spend some time there and then make our way back home via EU and Atlantic – so see, it is round the world trip, maybe only in the northern hemisphere, but it counts.

I’m looking forward to eating great Chinese food, great Uyghur food and best mix of Kazah and Russian food. Also, I’m looking forward to some hiking on the Great Wall, maybe some hiking around Urumqi and Almaty. And of course, I plan to take many pictures.

Last time I was in China about 16 years ago, long time, no see.  How jiu bu jian! I’m excited to go back, even just for a few days.

Here is a picture of Chairman Mao at the entrance to Forbidden City on TianAnMen square. As you can see it has some ghosting to it. See, while in China, I took all pictures with this 35mm point and shoot. It took fairly decent pictures for the very limited $ and ease of use. But, not this time around. I think  Mr Mao was not happy that day, his spirit was probably running around China, and he decided to stop by the mausoleum, which somewhere around there nearby, and check out his old flesh and bone. I was innocently taking pictures and camera, after all it is Chinese made, probably sensed his presence and had a little hick up. So there you go, the ghosting is evident. Haha.

On this trip I’ll have DSLR, Thailand produced, we’ll see if ghost of Mr Mao is still around and messing with people cameras.


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