Costa Rica Spider Monkeys

Costa Rica has a few different species of monkeys. When we went there last year we were fortunate to see three different types of them. In this post I have a few pictures of the Spider Monkey.

I took these pictures near lake Arenal. We went to one of the parks with hanging bridges, one you have to pay like $20 per person. Bridges were cool, but for the most part the wild life was not as abundant, till we were on one of the bridges looking at some birds or something and saw some movement high in the trees. The whole family of spider monkeys was moving across from one part of the jungle to another. Unfortunately they were not moving right above us, but more to the side and fairly far away and they were moving fast. We counted at least a dozen of them. I took  a lot of pictures, but most of them didn’t pan out. Some did. I do not know if monkeys captured here are males or females. One of them, last in the series, is female, that is for sure.

This guys posed the best for me. He even looked straight at me. Just look above at the header of this blog.


Same one looking up.


This is probably why they call them spider monkeys. How nicely she stretches between the trees, perfect acrobatic pose.


Tail use is amazing. It is like fifth leg.


This one is the girl, that is for sure. Males do not care their babies like that.


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