Kazakhstan 2005

Almaty is the host to 2011 Asian Winter Games. I bet right now they are working hard on fixing all of the venues to get them ready.

I took these photos back in 2005.

This is an open air ice field. It was usually open from September through May, so this August I do not expect it to be operational. I skated there many times and watched a few ball hockey games and motorcycle racing. Both on ice of course. Highly recommend, especially motorcycle racing. This rink is called Medeo, it is about 30 minutes from the city, in the mountains. Next year it will be one of the ice rinks for the winter games. And if you turn 180 around at the spot where picture was taken from and look into the mountains you will see a ski resort, called Chimbulak. It will be the main venue for all mountain sports. I hope we can make to it this summer and hike around, but again, it might be under construction.

I’m trying to remember if this is an Opera house or one of the Government buildings.


This is the view on the above mentioned Chimbulak. Far away hills right under the stony part are down hill slopes.

Ships and goats going back from the mountains to their houses. Beah, Beah, Beah. This was in small village, Kok Tube, about two hours east from Almaty.


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