Tysons Corner Sunset

One of the largest malls in Northern Virginia (NOVA) is in front of you. With many office buildings surrounding it.
The tall building in the background on the right is Ritz Carlton hotel. It is attached to another mall – Galleria II. Galleria is usually fairly deserted due to the type of stores it has – pretty much all designer stores and other high priced joints. You are not going to see many teenagers there, it seems to be popular with well off stay home wifes and other folks who has extra $$ to spend at one their stores.


One thought on “Tysons Corner Sunset

  1. I remember the first time I went to the Galleria. My friend at the time needed a tank top for an outfit she wanted to wear that night. I thought she was crazy for purchasing a tank top for what was $178 at the time. Although this was well over 9 years ago I will never forget the $178 white tank top.

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