Lake Erie Gems

One our recent trip to North East, PA I’ve heard a story about Lake Erie Gems. They are usually green, but some come in white shades and some in brown. They were originally man made, in different shapes and forms. At one point in time they were trashed into the lake, broke into smaller parts and took a long process in their new formation. Waves and rocks polished them and removed sharp edges. I don’t know how long it take to make Lake Erie Gem. Months, maybe years. I went to hike on the shore and was looking for some Gems, but didn’t find any. Maybe it was not the day.

Then I saw this brick, it went through the same process as the real Lake Erie Gems would go. It was laying there lonely, with occasional hikers stepping on it and waves crashing it during winter storms. It is heavy, so I’m thinking that it has been here from beginning, kind of hard for water to move it from another location. Why would anyone bring it to this part of the shore? There is no construction in site, just rocky cliffs, trees and birds.

I found my Lake Erie Gem.


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