Loch Vale 

Today was another awesome day at the Rocky Mountain National Park. We went hiking (snowshoeing) to the Sky Pond. Weather was absolutely perfect, no wind, have never seen it so quiet there. Since last week they seems like got another couple foot of snow, so everything was white snd puffy. At some spots trees were covered with so much snow you could almost not see the trees under it.

I took this photo on the way back, as we were walking across the Loch Vale. Clouds were coming in as we were leaving, bringing more snow.

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Boulder and Left Hand Ditch 

This the view of the same stretch of the ditch but from the other end. Took it last week, but it is snowing right now outside so it might look almost the same. 

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Snowshoeing to Jewel Lake 

Today we had fantastic day at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Got up early, drove up to the Glacier Gorge parking lot and did 6.6 miles loop in snowy wilderness. Thst parking is a good one to start hiking for Black Lake or Mills Lake if you are not up to extra few miles of more difficult terrain. Jewel Lake is right next to the Mills Lake, so it’s no brainer to hit it before turning back. 

It was super windy there, but fresh snow and blue skies made it much more enjoyable.

I took this one somewhere maybe three quarters of the way to Mills Lake, while we were still protected by the trees. 

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I was doing some morning exercise at Eldora this morning and posted this on on my Instagram feed.

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Happy New Year 

Well we are in 2017 now. Wish all of you prosperous and healthy year. Good travels and lots of success and joy in all you do.

I went for a quick run at our local resort. Started 2017 with fresh air and nice scenery. Let it be like this the remaining 364 days.

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Fresh Tracks, Almost 

Took this one today at Eldora. Very windy and nicely sunny day. Not too busy for holidays, good thing its mainly used by locals, as everyone else go to the big and fancy resourts west from here, with hotels and all that type of important vacation infrastructure.

I did a few more runs today than last time, getting bit more comfortable. Thinking maybe getting GoPro camera and record my slow progress. The problem is that I use to use one a few years ago and I don’t think I have ever got to load anything from it, the tools were too complicated and I never got to use any of that footage. Plus for it to be watchable using a gimble is a must.

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Boulder 180 via Mount Sanitas 

It was a great day for a local hike, warm and sunny. I went for almost 5 miles loop walk to Mount Sanitas and took this photo from the summit. North to South panoramic view of Boulder. Probably should be seen on larger screen than my phone.

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