Another Hike

Green and plush

Nice to hit the trail after work for a quick sunset hike. It was my 59th hike up to Sanitas. Everything looks so green and bright right now.

Pink Full Moon, or not

Full moon they said. Pink full moon they said. Tonight is the night they said. Well, there were no moonrise tonight here in Boulder. I went up high in hopes to see an epic moonrise, as it was supposed to happen about 18 minutes before sunset. I know this place on the Lion’s Lair trail where I can in a span of about 200 feet have nice view to the west and to the east. So we had pretty decent sunset. First shot. No moonrise. Second shot. I ran back and force to each spot taking shots at sunset and hoping that moon would break through those clouds.

In the end its a good hike, my 53rd, to Mount Sanitas, as always, no matter what weather throws at you!


Surfing the trail down from Mount Sanitas. What else could be more fun finishing up the weekend?

Then on the way back spotted moon being stricken through… that was pretty cool.

Under the Tree

Mostly sunny day turned into not the most exciting sunset. Went up to Mount Sanitas (my 51st) for sunset and didn’t see any sun anywhere. One of those nights. Also, didn’t see many people on the trail either, which is nice, the less the merrier 😎