Boston Reflections

A few days ago I shared similar photo from Boston which I took the same day, maybe even a few minutes apart. When the sun is shining and you have these types of cool reflections, and you see them, and this is the most important part – you have to see them, because I usually too busy with other things and not pay attention to what happens around me, well not always, sometimes I have an eye for it and try to snap a shot or two.

Anyhow, I thought this one looked cool as well.

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Holiday Season

Holiday season in US is starting every year earlier and earlier. Years back, Christmas trees would be setup right after the Thanksgiving, getting the public into the spirit of spending their money on all the gifts other other stuff they buy during this time. In the last few years it is a norm to see it all over way before the Thanksgiving, at least one week before, which is like middle of November, one month before actual holiday.

I took this photo couple weeks ago at Detroit airport.

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Make a Wish

We were in Florida over the weekend, our friends have apartment on the Cape Canaveral with about 3 minutes walk away from the ocean, which is a perfect ocean retreat. One of the evenings the breeze was very mild and going out into the ocean, perfect for hot air balloons. They had whole box of them so we grabbed a few, lighted them up and let them go, while making wishes. I hope all of them will come true.

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Bar Harbor

Yesterday we had mystery photo, like most other Fridays and couple people identified it right as Bar Harbor at Acadia National Park in Maine. Very nice! Today’s photo happens to be taken at the street level at Bar Harbor on one of its main streets. Fall was in full swing and leaves had nice smell, it just asked for some memory shots.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Folks in US, hope you had a good Thanksgiving! We visited friends and had a good time, with perfectly cooked turkey on the table. Even had a chance to swim in the Atlantic, while not for long as it was fairly cold this time of the year.

I didn’t take this photo on this trip, so it is not in Florida, this is a big help to figure it out, right? Cruise ship looks so tiny, almost like a little toy from this distance. Where do you think it is?

Weekend Update: Thanks all for stopping by! This one was a bit more challenging, but many of you identified it right – yes it is Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but especially spectacular during October/November when colors change and the crowds are not as big as during peak visiting months.

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BOSTON Reflections

Boston downtown area has many tall glass buildings which act as perfect mirrors with right angle of the sun. It presents some interesting photo opportunities, like the one below.

The day when I took this photo was perfectly sunny with clear blue skies. I just played a bit here with textures to make it a bit more moody.

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Antalya Sunrise

We are planning on doing a short trip to Florida for Thanksgiving and while we are not going to see or experience warm waters like we did on this hot day in Turkey, it will be considerably much warmer than what another cold front brings us, which about to come down from Canada and will put most of the East coast into freezing temperatures.

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