Charleston Sunset

You would never know that this was a New Years eve, but it was the last sunset of the 2011 in Charleston SC. Everything is still green and looks like it was almost any other season.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Yesterday we had a gloomy day at the beach, so how about today switch to a sunny day? It is Friday after all and weekend is just a few hours away, and it appears to be a sunny one too here in NC, even so not at the beach but that’s ok.

This was for sure hot and sunny day at that beach, but water was perfect and nicely refreshing. Who could complain about that smooth, like lake, surface either, can just float in it without any effort, like a little paradise.

Where do you think  this place at?

Weekend update: Ankur Sharma was the one and only! Awesome. It is actually not in Antalya itself but you’d see Antalya on the other side of this bay, to the left. This is Marriott resort, among bunch of other resorts spread there on the sea.

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Gloomy Day at the Beach

Yesterday I was trying to remember when last time I went to the beach, and could not really remember the most recent time. Especially when I went there to swim. Not this year. Not last year. Hmm, seems like its been a while.

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DC Nights

I took this from my window at Hilton hotel near DuPont  Circle. I stayed there only once while back and had this nice view of the city. If you ever get a chance then stay at this hotel as well, make sure to get your room on a high floor and with DC down town views.

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Cats and Deck Rail

A few years ago when I designed the deck for my house I wanted to make sure it does not provide large sleeping platform on the rail for our cats. Deck is very high off the ground and I didn’t want them flying down half asleep. Also I wanted it to not block any view. Wrought iron rail was a perfect solution for this.

After it was built, it did not take long for our cats to claim it as their perimeter observation route, going back and forth from one end to the other. At least they are not sleeping on it.

Its been raining for the last couple days and everything is of course wet, but for one of our cats it was not the reason of not getting some acrobatics under his belt. I guess after sleeping most of the day and getting bored inside the house he needed to walk on the wet rail. I had to grab my camera and snap a few photos, with this one being one of my favorites.


Then I paid  a bit more attention to the flowers and how pretty they looked with water drops. Of course I could not resist but take a few photos of them as well.

and here is another one

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Diablo Lake

On my way to the Lake Anne hike in the North Cascades I passed Diablo Lake, nested between snow peaked mountains, it is a natural beauty. I only stopped for a quick photo as I was trying to get to my final destination before too long, but I think this place deserve more exploration. You can even kayak or canoe down there. Maybe one day I’ll manage that as well.

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Friday Mystery Photo

When we started the hike it was partially cloudy and the higher we went, the cloudier it got and at the top of the mountain the visibility was about 30-50 feet. In all directions. I waited for about 30 minutes hoping that the winds will blow this cloud out, but it did not happen. This overlook is actually right on the border between two States.

Do you know the name of the mountain?

Weekend Update: As many of you identified, it is Clingman’s Dome in the Smoky Mountains National Park. This park is split between North Carolina and Tennessee. If you look on the map, this specific spot is shown right on the border of the two states, not sure where exact line is, as I didn’t see any signs around there indicating actual border. 

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