Couple fireworks photos from last night. Enjoy.

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While visiting Cincinnati we decided to do a day trip to Indiana and maybe do a hike or something. Well, as we went there, with 95F temperatures we thought that any type of outdoor activity would be not the best way to spend the day. So we decided to stop for lunch at the first town, see what it has and then get back to air conditioned places in downtown Cincinnati.

Lawrenceburg is the town that we stopped for lunch and it appears that its main attraction is this big casino. As we turned off highway into the town, it seems like the road and all signs tried to get you into one of the parking garages of this casino. We had to really pay attention and make right turns to bypass all those traps and not end up at the casino. Obviously, as you can see we did walked from the downtown of Lawrenceburg to the casino. It was so hot and sunny outside and I wanted to take a few photos in Indiana, so we went to check it out. Lots of old people in casino, seems like it is what they do, go and give their money to the casino, probably not many leave it on the plus side.


The Ohio River is behind this art installation.


We ate the restaurant down there on the right, called RiverWatch, seating on the open deck next to the river with some wind blowing, it was actually not that hot.


While eating lunch, this came through, carrying some kind of liquid, maybe oil or something else.


and, yeah, this state #37

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Summer Heat

We are in Cincinnati and the moment and it seems like we have another Summer heat wave. Hot and humid, with air not moving it is very unpleasant to be outside. Even at 10PM. Last night it felt 90F at that late hour and kids enjoyed some water fountains in the open park at the Cincinnati Ohio River waterfront park.

btw, this is another state, 36 all in total for now.

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New River Gorge Bridge


Yesterday we drove through West Virginia and stopped for some photos. It makes my #35 US State on this blog. One more under the belt.

I have been to West Virginia many times, mostly for white water rafting, but not in the last couple years as I have started taking photos for this blog.

This is route 19 crossing the New River Gorge. River is way below down there, can’t actually see from this spot at all. You can see it from another observation deck, but it is way down and with tiny little white rafting boats that it is really would not look good on the photo, so I did not bather taking those at all.

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East Washington

South east part of Washington state is popular with photographers for its unique and beautiful landscapes. Seems like endless rolling hills are planted with different types of crops and produce very nice patterns of different colors.

We were there last year for a quick overnight trip. For sunrise and sunset we went to the Steptoe State park and enjoyed beautiful views from the high above. During the day we drove around and looked for some other interesting photo opportunities, like this one.

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Friday Mystery Photo

We did a day trip to this place for some hiking and during this day had nice sunshine, a bit of rain and some nice snow showers. We listened to some folks talking about their super earthy and green yoga studio, where they all exchange only positive energy between themselves and surrounding energy sources, which of course heal their souls and bodies. We ate Thai food with some new age twist on its ingredients which I would probably not repeat again and look for another place to it, as I prefer more mainstream version of Thai cuisine.

I’m sure many of you know exactly where it is, don’t you?

Weekend update: We have couple virtual winners this time around, Cathy Ulrich and kazg10 suggested it to be near Sedona Arizona. This is a few miles west of it, taken from the Red Rock State Park, from one of the hikes around the park.

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San Francisco Bay Sunrise

Its been now couple years since I have been to San Francisco and I miss that area a bit. Not sure when I get a chance to be there again, hopefully not too long from now.

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