Friday Mystery Photo

This is a totally weird type of flower, the way it grows and how it grows, well at least it was weird to me. Totally unexpected as well as I have not seen it anywhere else around there and then it was like boom right there for everyone to see. Where do you think it is and more importantly what is this?

Weekend Update: This is Bodhi Tree flowers, found in south east Asia. This was sighted in Phnom Penh Cambodia at the Silver Pagoda near the Royal Palace.

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Gold Mine Casino

Somewhere in Colorado. I think.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are going to visit somewhere in Asia, but you my dear visitors have to tell where it is. This is not an easy one. Nothing famous. Not anywhere famous. There were no tourists there at all, just about dozen cows eating grass and looking at me, the stranger who came across this place.

I can tell you that it is on the small island and you can see the water from the front entrance, with fishermen throwing nets, hoping to catch something for dinner.

Weekend Update: Nobody got it. Nobody did. Maybe next time. Silk Island.

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It is right there on the horizon. Lovely town of Bozeman Montana. It is probably hell cold in the winter, but it was very lovely in the middle of the summer

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Yellowstone Lake

The multiple faces of the Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The Yellowstone Lake. All observed from the top of the Mount Washburn. Some of the coolest parts of the park, and more important not as crowded. It is nice to enjoy the natural beauty while not surrounded by hundreds of noisy bystanders.

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Twin Peaks Falls

Sunset in the mountains is a hit or miss event. As sun goes down it might highlight some parts of the landscape and then disappear behind high peaks and leave you with nothing. Clouds play a huge part of it as well, they might allow it to peak out or not. Of course, the part of the year when you happen to be there plays its own role as well, as sun will land at a completely different part of the sky and might now light up the subject of your photograph.

Here it kind of played pretty well, hitting the higher part of the waterfalls and the hotel above it, but it was already too low to reach for the lower part of the falls. Still, I like it.

And yes, this is not really Twin Peaks Falls, but when I look at the photos of it I’m reminded of the Twin Peaks. Some of you know what I ‘m talking about.

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Friday Mystery Photo

It probably could be anywhere out there West, this type of view is very common. So I do not expect anyone to really know where this place is, as it could be in any of the western states, but maybe someone will recognize that specific mountain peak and can tell us all where it is. Have a great Friday!

Weekend Update: Hey everyone. This is in Idaho, somewhere on US93 looking North West. Next you are there enjoy the view!

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