Big Horn Sheep and Little People

Yesterday I mentioned all the people who grouped in one spot to observe and take photos of those sheep out there. Here they are. All in the same spot kind of above the animals.

Yesterday photo was taken from the other side of the ridge. Way below all the folks you see there. I wanted to be on the same level as animals, just like in this one. Have a great weekend all!

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Big Horn Sheep

Went for a quick trip to Colorado past weekend and we drove through the Rocky Mountains National Park and saw a few of these guys hanging by the road, with huge crowd of folks taking photos from the top of the hill. I climbed a bit down to take on slightly different angle on them, with mountains in background.

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Redmond Windmill

On my recent trip to Redmond Washington I took a long walk into the Marymoor park and walk right into this Windmill. Being there for the first time I was a bit surprised to see it and of course took a quick shot, just so you can see it as well. It is surrounded by trees and obviously doesn’t serve its purpose. Not even sure if it is original to this spot or were moved here from somewhere else. I guess a quick search would reveal it, but I’m not filling like doing that right now.

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Blue Lake

I’m in process of moving to Colorado. Have to sell my house in NC first, this is not going as fast as I hoped. We already have a temp place near Boulder and I try to visit there as much as I can, and when I do we try to do some outdoor activities, as you know Colorado is plentiful of it. This was very cool hike, not far from Boulder, the Blue Lake hike. As I finally make my way there permanently we are probably going to see more photos from the Rocky Mountains. I’m looking forward to some great outdoor adventures and hopefully awesome imagery.

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Bridges of Madison County

50 by 50

Quick update on my quest to visit all 50 States by the age 50. This is #45. Getting close. Very close.

Covered Bridges in Iowa

I never read the book, nor seen the movie. I have heard of it. I had about half a day to drive through Iowa and I was not sure where to stop and take a few photos in the state. My wife suggested that I stop and see one of the bridges. I looked them up and they were kind of in the direction I was going so I decided to stop by and check it out. There are total 6 of them in the county and five were somewhat close to each other so I decided to hit each one of them. Sorry, didn’t get to the Roseman Bridge.

Imes Bridge

Cedar Bridge

Holliwell Bridge

Hogback Bridge

Cutler-Donahoe Bridge

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North Platte – 50 by 50

44 out of 50

This is State #44. Getting close man. yeah, getting close.

Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard

Interesting place this Bailey Yard place. The largest yard in the world, this is where east meets west. Not the Asian East and European West. American east meets west, right in the middle of Nebraska. They handle about 10,000 cars every single day. I spent about 30 minutes observing it from the Golden Spike Tower. At first didn’t really get what was going on, but 5-10 minutes into it I saw them getting pushed into different tracks, all seems like using just normal gravity. Stop by in North Platte Nebraska and see it too.

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Blue Streak

This is definitely a brain shaker!

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