Dead Zone

Not sure why but all of these trees are dead. No evidence of fire. They are just dead from whatever other reasons. There are whole mountain sides of them. It is very striking to see while hiking to the top of the Mount Washburn.

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellow Stone

Not like the other Grand Canyon, not as big, but it is beautiful as the other one for sure, and you can see why the park was named the way it is.

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Cascade Creek

Travel Podcasts

Do you have favorite travel or photography podcasts? Perhaps even one that combines both? I know of a few travel podcasts, some photography, but none are that are specific to travel and photography. What do you listen on your commute to work?

Cascade Creek

Couple Grand Tetons National Park doing all kind of hiking and nature exploring. I took this on one of the hikes around Lake Jenny, I think it is Cascade Creek flowing into the lake. Wild mountain river.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one today, I think. What is the name of this place?Very

Weekend Update: Well, well. I thought most visitors will know it, not sure why I thought, maybe because it is indeed in the middle of the NYC, in Central Park, at the edge of one of the ponds, little place called Belvedere Castle. Very good pick Mr mvschulze, and no it is not Great Wall of China Chauncey, there is an American flag on top of it…

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Lady and the Horse

Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a very busy place. Only to clear out around one or so hours after sun is up. Then bigger tour busses show up with tour group tourists and its get swarmed with human all over again for the rest of the day.

Somehow between the sunrise and the arrival of the after breakfast crowds I got a chance to see this girl walking up the grazing horse, it look just too perfect not to take a photo.

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Shopping for Dinner

My first night in Phnom Penh, a few hours after arrival, I was walking narrow streets near the river and walked into this night market, full with all kind of produce and busy shoppers, probably trying to find some tasty ingredients for good Khmer food. Cambodia is not known for great food, like its neighbors (Thailand and Vietnam), but I had many tasty fish soups there and would love to eat it again.

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Rocky Sunrise

It is not just rocky, those rocks are super slippery and I almost slipped a few times, which would be very bad, crashing on those hard rocks. Every step had to be tested to ensure solid footing. Of course it was worth the effort, as the sunrise was very memorable.

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