Ruby Beach

Ahh, the Pacific North West, its ragged and wild beauty. I only visited it a few times and loved every one of them. So different from the East coast. We just might move somewhere there one day and live for some time, experience it all first hand for a bit.

I have been a bit of a Netflix addict lately, watching a few different shows simultaneously, not all at the same time of course. Like on weekends we are watching 1-2 episodes of the “Twin Peaks”. Never heard of it prior to two weeks ago, awesome show, absolutely hilarious, and the phrase “Nothing like a great cup of black coffee”  as said by Agent Cooper is probably going to be adopted by me too, as it is really true. Have you seen it?

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Window Patterns

I took this photo a while back from my hotel window of a nearby office building. I had a long zoom lens on my hands at the time and it allowed me to zoom into it and get tight for it.

It was taken at the angle as it shows by the horizontal lines. During post processing I tried to turn it and make the horizontal lines to align with the outside lines, but it didn’t look right. So I left it as is. This is how you’d see it as well if you stay at that same hotel in Washington DC.

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Friday Mystery Photo

First, let me thank all for nice comments from the yesterday post. I usually get to see them on my phone during the day while at work, and it something that brightens my day.

I’ll follow up today with another colorful scene, only today, since it is Friday you have an opportunity to tell us where you think it is. There are plenty of giveaways here, especially if you understand the main language all of the signs are written in, there is even something there in Russian too.

We walked a lot around different streets but none of them had this cover from the sun, was so bright and awesome, perfect spot to take photos and remember the uniqueness of the place.

Weekend update: Yes, yes, yes. It is Istanbul. Pretty much all of you identified it. It is not the Grand Bazaar, but it is not far from it. Thanks all for stopping by!

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No Parking

This is what is says in Spanish. My wife told me. Of course I could use Bing translator, but she is good with Spanish, so I use real human translator services when I can.

I wonder if this sign has any legal bearing there and cops will take you away or write a ticket. It could be that it actually belongs to some local mafia boss, they will “take” away your car if you are full enough to park there. No idea. I didn’t take this photo because of that sign. You can probably guess why I took it.

This alley is pretty. Isn’t it?

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What are you Looking at?

March is almost over and hopefully April brings a lot of fresh and bright color into our lives. Cherry blossoms are about to bloom on the East coast, all the flowers are coming out in my backyard, with yellow daffodils already on the down, I planted about thousand of them in my backyard over the years, pretty sight, have to say. We are planning on taking a quick trip to New Mexico for a spring break, this will be state #31 shown on this blog… I’m hoping to get all 50 of them in the next 2-3 years. Everything in the middle is not easy to get to…

Today we are going back (via this photo) to Montana and look as some white asses of the mountain goats. We saw a few of them, fairly close encounters, which is cool when you see them a few feet away, without humongous binoculars. Of course they are not the type that would just hang out with you, they like a little bit of privacy and got of the road into those rocky cliffs, where they blended quite nicely. You might remember this post with the same bunch, check it out.

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Istanbul Blue

Another place I’d like to visit again and spend a bit more time at, Istanbul is the cool place.

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Snow Wall at Mt Washburn

Last summer we spent a few days in Yellowstone National park and tried to cover most of what it can offer on such a short visit. We drove to places and hiked where we could. One of those hikes was to the peak of Mt Washburn. It started way down there in the warmer lands and brought us all the way to the snow levels and beyond. At one place we had to walk next to the 10+ feet high snow wall, what left of it from the winter. It was in early days of July, it probably melted by the end of the summer, maybe not, do you know?

We actually liked this part of the Yellowstone, it is less touristy, away from all those crowded hot springs and geysers. When we manage to visit it again, I’d like to spend a night or two at the Roosevelt Lodge, it is very rustic and not far from this place and many other less developed areas of the park.

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