White Sands Wind Storm

Last year at the White Sands National Monument during a serious sand storm. This photo is not out of focus, everything is somewhat soft and blurry due to the blowing sand in the air, which make it look pretty cool.

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Sunny Day in San Juan

Another sunny day on this sunny island.

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somewhere in Paris

It is Friday, and if you are common visitor, you know that it is usually showing some mystery place. But since this is the first Friday of this year, and I really wanted to show this photo for some time, it is not a mystery of any sort. Pretty much anyone should know where it is and what it is.

I really like to take photos with reflections and always look for such opportunities. It does not happen very often, but when it does, I think it produces some kick ass results.

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White Sands Dream

Year End

Thanks all for giving a few moments of your time during this year. I really appreciate it. It was a good year in many respects. There were many great accomplishments, some setbacks and a few disappointments. That is how life is. I hope you had a good year as well. I’m looking forward to what is coming ahead.

Landscape Photographer Dream

I think that any landscape photographer would love to be in the shoes of that guy. Any time of the day. He probably got some nice shots from up there. I sure got one too.

Let us all have as many of these moments in the next year as well. Happy coming New Year folks. See you in 2015!

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Baker Lake

Little bit of mountain beauty from Montana for you all.

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Christmas Night

Earlier this evening we went for a walk to shake off all the red wine we drank in prior few hours and this is what I saw right outside of my house. It was a pretty sight. We walked for a good hour in the neighborhood and didn’t see any other streets as cool looking as our own. I was very surprisingly pleased with all of our neighbors for doing this, pretty cool to see it on a cool night right outside of my house.

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Life on Sab River

This is the same family as in the video above. I shared this photo about one month ago. It was really interesting to observe them for a few minutes from the banks of Sab River in Phnom Penh. Can’t say I can relate to their life in any possible way. Other then, working for my own food every day, as they do, just very differently.


Today’s Photo

These are other boat families who appear to be living right on the river.

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