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Charleston Sunset

You would never know that this was a New Years eve, but it was the last sunset of the 2011 in Charleston SC. Everything is still green and looks like it was almost any other season.

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Friday Mystery Photo

For some reason I find that in September I don’t have whole a lot of desire to publish photos. Not sure why. Last year I took a break, this year it is coming to be a very slow month as … Continue reading

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Yesterday my wife told me that she would not mind to live in Charleston South Carolina. Well, not sure if we ever end up living there but I found this photo, typical sunset from the battery, so we can look … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

All right, I guess I just can not stop from publishing more and more photos with bridges. Today is a Friday, and Friday is a Mystery Photo Friday day, so no location is disclosed until later during weekend, and everyone … Continue reading

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Good Morning 2012

I took this photo on January 1st in Charleston, South Carolina. First sunrise of 2012. We are almost half way through the year. I think it is going pretty well. I hope it is true for you as well.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Happy Friday Everyone, it is finally here! Any cool plans this weekend anyone care to share? I don’t think we have any big plans, probably going to stay in town and just chill. But I’m typing this on Thursday night … Continue reading

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Battery Sunrise

Last Friday I posted a photo with non-disclosed location, sort of a mystery photo. It did not take too long for you guys to figure out where it was actually taken at. So this Friday I’ll do the same. Where … Continue reading

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