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Big Horn Sheep and Little People

Yesterday I mentioned all the people who grouped in one spot to observe and take photos of those sheep out there. Here they are. All in the same spot kind of above the animals. Yesterday photo was taken from the … Continue reading

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Big Horn Sheep

Went for a quick trip to Colorado past weekend and we drove through the Rocky Mountains National Park and saw a few of these guys hanging by the road, with huge crowd of folks taking photos from the top of … Continue reading

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Blue Lake

I’m in process of moving to Colorado. Have to sell my house in NC first, this is not going as fast as I hoped. We already have a temp place near Boulder and I try to visit there as much … Continue reading

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Gold Mine Casino

Somewhere in Colorado. I think.

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Wind Farm

About thirty minutes prior to arriving to Denver airport I saw a bunch of the wind power farms, hundreds and hundreds of them out there producing electricity. Really interesting view from high above.

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Beautiful Colorado

Couple weeks ago we took our spring break to Colorado. I visited it before on couple business trips, but it was limited to Denver and to the after work hours, which are not the best way to explore new destinations. … Continue reading

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Terminal B

Back from California We are back on the East coast from a short spring break trip to the great state of California. I can see why people like to live there, it is really beautiful in California. We had mixed … Continue reading

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