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Lady and the Horse

Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a very busy place. Only to clear out around one or so hours after sun is up. Then bigger tour busses show up with tour group tourists and its get swarmed with human all over … Continue reading

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Shopping for Dinner

My first night in Phnom Penh, a few hours after arrival, I was walking narrow streets near the river and walked into this night market, full with all kind of produce and busy shoppers, probably trying to find some tasty … Continue reading

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Rocky Sunrise

It is not just rocky, those rocks are super slippery and I almost slipped a few times, which would be very bad, crashing on those hard rocks. Every step had to be tested to ensure solid footing. Of course it … Continue reading

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Yellow Bear

This is one of the main “exhibits” at the airport in Doha Qatar. Big Yellow Bear. Anyone know what he is doing there?

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Friday Mystery Photo

Hey folks, its been a while since I had any posts on Friday, well, last night I got home not too late and had a few minutes to get this one out for you to identify. My wife did not … Continue reading

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Inside the Bean

Distorted reality in it pure form, just go and see The Bean. It will bend your mind in all kind of waves. Popular place to selfies. One even can argue that is it my own selfie too, as one of … Continue reading

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Wind Farm

About thirty minutes prior to arriving to Denver airport I saw a bunch of the wind power farms, hundreds and hundreds of them out there producing electricity. Really interesting view from high above.

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