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Kiss the Sun

Cambodia My daughter is going to be in Cambodia for couple months doing some volunteer work, so I decided to visit her while she is there and explorer a bit of the country. I just booked the ticket for Phnom … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

Another week is almost behind us. We are starting to get those huge Autumn spiders in our yard. They are about one inch in size at their largest and very scary looking as they seat in the middle of their … Continue reading

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One Way Only

I have an old film camera from my childhood, called Zenit, it was made in Soviet Union in the early eighties. I have not used it in the last 20 plus years. Recently, after doing some research, I learned that … Continue reading

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Somewhere in Oklahoma

50 by 50 Update Many of you know that I’m on a quest to visit all 50 US States, take a photo (or more) and post it on my site, all by the time I turn 50.  In other words … Continue reading

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BING.COM Photo of the Day

Today I’m getting a bit more famous. Yep. That’s right. As you probably know, every day BING.COM shows a different photo from somewhere around the world. Today’s photo happen to be one of truly yours. You can download and see … Continue reading

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Istanbul Blue

Ahh, Istanbul. We were there for only three days. Not enough to experience it all.

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Into the Light

I have to admit that I like to watch “House Hunters International” on HGTV. I don’t watch it too often, maybe once a week on average. It is interesting to see different types of houses around the world and how … Continue reading

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