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Last day of January is here, sort of a sunset of it. I felt like sunset photo was appropriate to post on this day.

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Passing Through

We just had dinner at the local brewery, got a six pack to take back to hotel and walking back to our car as train approached the main crossing. I just put my camera down, pointed in the direction of … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Movie

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at Mediterranean Sunrise from Dmitrii on Vimeo. ahh, I miss those warm waters, not just warm but crystal clear warm waters of Mediterranean. with our current weather … Continue reading

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EXIF Once in a while there is a question popping up in the comments section about EXIF information on my photos. I never actually put that type of information on this blog. I think it is a bit boring and … Continue reading

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Hoover Damn

I took this photo from the HW93 bridge over the Colorado river. Sometime in the future I’ll share photo or two from the opposite direction, with the bridge as it is seen from the Hoover Damn. I’m not sure in … Continue reading

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