North Platte – 50 by 50

44 out of 50

This is State #44. Getting close man. yeah, getting close.

Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard

Interesting place this Bailey Yard place. The largest yard in the world, this is where east meets west. Not the Asian East and European West. American east meets west, right in the middle of Nebraska. They handle about 10,000 cars every single day. I spent about 30 minutes observing it from the Golden Spike Tower. At first didn’t really get what was going on, but 5-10 minutes into it I saw them getting pushed into different tracks, all seems like using just normal gravity. Stop by in North Platte Nebraska and see it too.

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Blue Streak

This is definitely a brain shaker!

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Colby Kansas – 50 by 50

View from my hotel in Colby Kansas. Colby is a good place to stop overnight on the drive to Colorado, as it is about 250 miles from Denver. It is easy in and out from the highway.

Another US State on my final count, 43 in total so far. Two more coming in the next few days.

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St. Louis Missouri – 50 by 50

This week I’m doing a little road trip, more like a round trip to Colorado. We are in process to move to Colorado and this week I moved a few things to a storage place down there in Colorado, driving from NC. As part of this trip I’ll visit four more States to get closer to my goal of visiting all 50 States by the age 50. I drove through the State of Missouri, only stopped at gas stations, but I had GoPro camera attached to my windshield, which was taking shots every few seconds, so I have another one under my belt, if not mistaken I have been to 42 US States now with a photo from each on this blog.

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Friday Mystery Photo

This is a totally weird type of flower, the way it grows and how it grows, well at least it was weird to me. Totally unexpected as well as I have not seen it anywhere else around there and then it was like boom right there for everyone to see. Where do you think it is and more importantly what is this?

Weekend Update: This is Bodhi Tree flowers, found in south east Asia. This was sighted in Phnom Penh Cambodia at the Silver Pagoda near the Royal Palace.

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Gold Mine Casino

Somewhere in Colorado. I think.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are going to visit somewhere in Asia, but you my dear visitors have to tell where it is. This is not an easy one. Nothing famous. Not anywhere famous. There were no tourists there at all, just about dozen cows eating grass and looking at me, the stranger who came across this place.

I can tell you that it is on the small island and you can see the water from the front entrance, with fishermen throwing nets, hoping to catch something for dinner.

Weekend Update: Nobody got it. Nobody did. Maybe next time. Silk Island.

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