Arizona Joshua Tree

I have never been to the Joshua Tree National Park in California. I guess it is full with Joshua Trees. Just like this one. To see one, you don’t have to be in California, you can see plenty of them in Arizona on your drive from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. To get better views and get close to them it might help if you get of HW93 and I40. Take some of the side roads. Who knows, you might see something totally unexpected.

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Spooky Jekyll Island

The north east side of the Jekyll Island is the home to the beach I have never seen anywhere else. Full of the old skeleton trees. Laying and standing there, and in the right light looking really spooky. Like, the earth days came to an end. Once big and strong, all they remind about some prior glory, now getting hit by the ocean waves to oblivion.

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Grand Canyon

I took a few photos on our one day trip to Grand Canyon but it seems like I only posted one or two of them in the last couple years. I’ll try and process a few more in the coming weeks and share with you guys. It was an amazing day out there and it would be nice to visit it again.

This was the beginning of the day, beautiful sunrise, what was followed by incredible day of sunshine, clouds and snowstorm. Grand Canyon is the place to see, if even not in person, but some other way.

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Charleston Sunset

You would never know that this was a New Years eve, but it was the last sunset of the 2011 in Charleston SC. Everything is still green and looks like it was almost any other season.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Yesterday we had a gloomy day at the beach, so how about today switch to a sunny day? It is Friday after all and weekend is just a few hours away, and it appears to be a sunny one too here in NC, even so not at the beach but that’s ok.

This was for sure hot and sunny day at that beach, but water was perfect and nicely refreshing. Who could complain about that smooth, like lake, surface either, can just float in it without any effort, like a little paradise.

Where do you think  this place at?

Weekend update: Ankur Sharma was the one and only! Awesome. It is actually not in Antalya itself but you’d see Antalya on the other side of this bay, to the left. This is Marriott resort, among bunch of other resorts spread there on the sea.

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Gloomy Day at the Beach

Yesterday I was trying to remember when last time I went to the beach, and could not really remember the most recent time. Especially when I went there to swim. Not this year. Not last year. Hmm, seems like its been a while.

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DC Nights

I took this from my window at Hilton hotel near DuPont  Circle. I stayed there only once while back and had this nice view of the city. If you ever get a chance then stay at this hotel as well, make sure to get your room on a high floor and with DC down town views.

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