Friday Mystery Photo

Another week is almost behind us. We are starting to get those huge Autumn spiders in our yard. They are about one inch in size at their largest and very scary looking as they seat in the middle of their large spider webs. Its that season again. Probably for about 2-3 weeks and then they will disappear for about eleven months. I’ll try to take a photo of one of them if I get a chance.

Today’s photo is probably an easy one for the most of you. First, very similar composition was posted here sometime last year, so any old timers will recognize it, or otherwise many will probably just know where it is. The colors speak for itself.

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One Way Only

I have an old film camera from my childhood, called Zenit, it was made in Soviet Union in the early eighties. I have not used it in the last 20 plus years. Recently, after doing some research, I learned that the lens used on that camera can actually be used on my Sony camera with a special adapter. The adapter costs only $20 and now I can use my old Helios lens on the modern camera. Pretty cool deal. Of course it is manual only, but it is OK, actually gives me full control where I want it to focus. I’ve been playing with it when I get a chance, like in the following photos.

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Somewhere in Oklahoma

50 by 50 Update

Many of you know that I’m on a quest to visit all 50 US States, take a photo (or more) and post it on my site, all by the time I turn 50.  In other words 50 by 50.

Last week I went to Dallas Texas for a conference and decided to swing by Oklahoma and take some photos. So I rented a car and drove up to Durant Oklahoma for overnight stay. Can’t say much about Durant. The next day was all about finding something picturesque for my Oklahoma photo. I took HW70 to Lake Murray State Park in hopes to see something interesting. Most roads in the park were dirt roads and I guess it rained some in the prior few days, and it was not the best of the conditions. I didn’t make to any lake shores at the park, so can’t tell you if it is worth the visit.

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BTW, in case you worry, that is not my rental. I guess that is how some Oklahomans like to test their off road driving skills.

State #39. Eleven more to go.

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BING.COM Photo of the Day

Today I’m getting a bit more famous. Yep. That’s right.

As you probably know, every day BING.COM shows a different photo from somewhere around the world. Today’s photo happen to be one of truly yours. You can download and see this exact photo on my blog as well. Just look under the Wyoming photos.

How awesome is that?

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Istanbul Blue

Ahh, Istanbul. We were there for only three days. Not enough to experience it all.

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Into the Light

I have to admit that I like to watch “House Hunters International” on HGTV. I don’t watch it too often, maybe once a week on average. It is interesting to see different types of houses around the world and how much it costs to live there. Of course you should probably not take it all at the face value, as what they show might not be really representative of the normal housing market. Still it is interesting.

When you see a plane flying above you, what is the first thought that comes to you, if any?

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In St Augustine

St Augustine is a cool little city on the northern part of the Florida Atlantic coast. It is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) cities in the United States. As you might guess, the photo was taken sometime around Christmas time, but it is south enough for palm trees to be happy green. We were there on for couple days to see what its all about and take a few photos, with early morning being the most deserted.

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