In French Quarter

Couple days before New Years eve this place was really calm and clean, away from the Bourbon street, washed off by some rain. I like to take photos during the rain or immediately after, even so it is very hard to take it during the rain, but reflections and all the sparkles are worth every effort.

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Somewhere in Everglades

House Work

The last two weekends we were power washing outside walls of our house. So much work, get really wet and I’m whooped by the end of each day. Most of it is done. But now we’ll need to do some painting. Lots of it. The joys of owning a house.

Everglades Calmness

This was taken on one of the side roads from the Miami to the Marco Island. We tried to find some drives through the everglades away from the main highways. Didn’t see much of the wildlife, some birds here and there, mostly empty water pools of still water with perfect reflections.

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DuPont Circle

I have been to DuPont Circle a few times, but never spend any time there, always on the go. This time I decided to go there around sunset and check it out. I took a few photos from each side, trying to find an interesting view. There is so much going on around, people walking in every direction, runners speed by, some folks trying to hand out some kind of little propaganda pieces of paper, which seems like no body wants to take. Friends and couples, and what seems like folks on a date all over the place. A few homeless linger around. Even occasional helicopters appear and disappear in matter of a few seconds.

Life is busy at DuPont Circle!

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Friday Mystery Photo

Today is the last Friday of September, so I decided to put two photos instead of one. Instead just call it a draw bridge, we can actually see it sort of in action. It is down. Then it is up. Not that it provides any clues of where it is.

Weekend Update: Thanks all for stopping by! Detective skills of kazg10 proved to be excellent as always, she figured it out – it is in St Augustine Florida. And Lori D as well was on the right track.

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The Never Ending Commute

Boy oh boy, I’m so glad I was not one of those folks seating in those cars. Never ever ending commute and the traffic light behind me was only able to accommodate 4-5 cars on each green. As it was fully packed with cars all the way North Capitol Blvd. They should be home by now. Hate bumper to bumper commute.

I was walking that day and enjoyed being carless for a moment.

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Mobile Bay Oil Rig

This is the closest I have ever been to an oil rig in the open water. They were all over the Mobile Bay and our ferry came by this one fairly close to get a close look. Of course it lasted only maybe for one or two minutes as we were moving pretty fast. It looks like this type of rig is operated without any humans, or maybe it is dry by now and it just seats there till they take it away. No idea.

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Hoover Dam

This was taken from the Hoover Dam itself. To the left is Arizona and to the right is Nevada. On our trip back from Arizona we walked there on the bridge as well. Nice view of the dam and the lake behind it.

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