Friday Mystery Photo

Have been so busy at work, feels like its been a long time since the last photo, of course its only been four or five days. In blogosphere world it is probably like centuries, at least how it feels, with the insane amount of published and incoming information from all over.

For this Friday Mystery photo I have the following clue: it is very cold there, especially now. Very cold.

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Cape Canaveral Sunset

Back in November we went to visit our friends at Cape Canaveral, they got a condo there, about five minutes walk from the beach. The day before there was a big storm and it cleared out around lunch time on this day, so by sunset we had some nice cloud spread, with this pretty sunset. According to them, this type of sunset is vary rare, as the skies are usually cloudless or have some overcast. I was lucky to have fifteen or so minutes of this beauty in front of my eyes.

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Friday Mystery Photo

After eating dinner I went for a short walk around the area to see if I can take any photos and was fortunate to spot these two walking toward me as I was about to take a photo of this monument. It was pretty pitch dark, where I was standing, but it came out pretty good. Later on the staff at my hotel told me that I should be careful walking around after dark with expensive camera in my hand…

anyhow, should be an easy find of this location for any of you…

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Grand Teton Yellow Flowers

Yet another place that I’d like to be able to visit every year and spend some time exploring it. Only if had enough time to do it, time is always a problem, isn’t it?

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At National Bison Range

I need to get back to Montana for more mountain time, it is breathtaking, and we even didn’t get a chance to the Glacier National Park yet, hopefully one day it will happen.

I took this somewhere around National Bison Range, I think from the loop road at the range, as you clime up higher, all of these views open up in front of you. Makes me want to go back there.

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If visiting El Paso Texas make sure to visit every mission on the El Paso Mission Trail. Cool looking old churches by now about 400 years old. Some history!

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White Sands Wind Storm

Last year at the White Sands National Monument during a serious sand storm. This photo is not out of focus, everything is somewhat soft and blurry due to the blowing sand in the air, which make it look pretty cool.

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