Paris Art Talk

What do you think those ladies are talking about?

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Lincoln Memorial

This was a night of a fabulous sunset, with thunderstorms rolling through, puffy clouds all around and sun hitting them just right, coloring in beautiful red, orange and yellow. I wish ever night was like this. Of course if that was the case then we would think that it just normal and would want to see even more color in the sky. So having it only a few times per months is a good thing, something to be really excited if you get a chance to witness it.

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NC Wild Things

I took this photo on one of the hikes in NC mountains. It is about one hour north from Asheville, off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was doing a short time lapse of the moving clouds and taking still photos of them as well. This is one of the still ones. I have yet to assemble the time lapse segments into one continuous clip. One of those days when I have time…

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Somewhere in Arizona

Couple years ago right around this time, plus minus couple weeks, we were in Arizona, driving on Route 66 and enjoying the scenery. I saw this train coming in my back mirror, pulled to the side and took this photo. It is very surprising how fast they go, really. You want to take a photo, but they time the camera is out and ready, the train already in completely different place.

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Lafayette Cemetery

Can’t recall if I posted any of the photos that show insides of those chambers, with some bones in it. Many of those walled brick walls have fallen out and you can see what inside, somewhat creepy for sure. Now that I think about it, I should check my archives from the day I visited this cemetery and see those photos. If you ever visit New Orleans, make sure to visit Lafayette Cemetery #2, this is where you can see it rough, old and not so manicured graves as in some other more touristy and better taken care cemeteries of New Orleans.

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Acadia Loop Road

Never know what waits you around the corner. In this case there are no surprises, it continues with one beautiful view after another. Acadia National Park is a treasure trove of great hikes and some breathtaking views. High cliffs that we see here are famous for sunrise photography. With right conditions, as sun comes up above the ocean, it hits those cliffs and colors them pink and red. If you go down to the beach, and look at it with big round boulders as your foreground, it is a sight to see.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Easy one for you’ll this week. Where is it?

Weekend Update: I thought that this one would be easy one, as many of you have some impressive investigative techniques to identify the location of my photos. Nerveless, a few got it right. Quieter Elephant identified it as Georgetown University and kazg10 confirmed it. Excellent solving of the mystery location, not so mystery now!

Btw, I geo tag all of my photos and link them to my galleries, the photo you see to the 500px location and then upload them to my smugmug gallery and to flickr as well. All of them can show it on the map. So if you ever wonder where exactly I took any of my photos, just go there and see it exact location. If you happen to use any version of Windows 8+ then you can also install my free app “Travel Photography” and it will show the location of the photo as well, that app is 2 years old now and need to be updated…but it works.

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